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Is this the worst robber in the history of bank robberies? [VIDEO]

A man in Shanghai made one of the laziest attempts to rob a bank on Sunday before being apprehended by the authorities.

The man is seen approaching a teller at CCB Zhoujiazui and brandishing what looks like a meat cleaver.

The girl that was initially at the window seems perplexed as the man doesn’t seem to be saying anything. She just casually walks away.

The man looks like he’s talking on his phone and doesn’t make eye contact with the teller. As he keeps repeatedly shoving the knife at the bullet-proof glass, the teller merely laughs and points him out to the other bank employees.

The man eventually flees after he gets nervous and cops stop him. The video was posted on LiveLeak, but no news about the fate of the strangely sheepish would-be-robber was posted.

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