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Krauthammer: Obama ‘could not have issued a more flaccid statement’ on Russian invasion

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer slammed President Obama’s statement on the apparent Russian invasion of Crimea, saying he “could not have issued a more flaccid statement.”

Krauthammer spoke with Fox News’ Bret Baier on a panel with Washington Post columnist Charles Lane and National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. He expressed dismay at President Obama’s tepid condemnation of Russia’s incursion into southern Ukraine.

“The Ukrainians — and I think everybody — are shocked by the weakness of Obama’s statements,” Krauthammer began. “I find it rather staggering . . . What he’s saying is we’re not going to really do anything, and we’re telling the world.”

Jonah Goldberg said that Obama’s reluctance to take a hard line against Putin’s actions in Ukraine unsurprising. “When you listen to Barack Obama talk about this stuff, you get the sense that he as no — I’m sure he knows these things, but you get no sense that he very much cares . . . all of his foreign policy has been through the prism of domestic politics.”

Krauthammer agreed, claiming the international community is now unlikely to strongly condemn Russian aggression. “The world always waits for the signal,” he explained. “You could not have issued a more flaccid statement than what Obama did. Why did he issue it at all? He should’ve just stayed at the White House and gone off and had his happy hour with the Democrats.”

“The world sees this and it knows — as we just heard, they can tell if a president cares,” he concluded. “And if he doesn’t, they won’t care. Because unless you’re led by the superpower, you will not go.”

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