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31 fascinating reactions to the Oscars from journalists (and a couple political types)

General Peanut Gallery

“It would be awesome if all those statues behind Ellen came to life and started eating the audience.” — Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld.

“Thank you Sally Field for looking normal.” — HuffPost’s Jason Cherkis.

“Did they run out of black people? Oh wait, it’s Hollywood…of course they did. #Oscars” – Hollywood Reporter

“I want every book on tape to be read by Ewan McGregor and Viola Davis.” — Exec. Dir. of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Guy Cecil.

“Embarrassed to admit I opened twitter so I could find and retweet that selfie. Where is it?!” – HuffPost’Elise Foley.

“Charlize. Dior. Looks gorgeous. Dress was still being made a day ago.” — ABC News reporter Cynthia McFadden.

“Charlize and Thor? This should be illegal.” — CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

“Really can’t look at Matthew McConaughey w/o that epic Magic Mike performance coming to mind every time. And I’m okay with that.#Oscars” – Elizabeth Cherneff, associate producer CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

“Ellen DeGeneres is the most popular entertainer in the country. Could she find no one to give her non-lame material? #Oscars” — New York Magazine and Veep producer Frank Rich

“Enough selfie stunts. We get it.” — CBS White House radio reporter Mark Knoller.

BuzzFeed reporter wants sex with Leo

“Hello Leonardo Dicaprio, might I interest you in a front row seat to my cervix?” — BuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton a.k.a. Brokey McPoverty, who also has a thing for Charlize: “Charlize in this dreeeessss I just want to make out with everybody at the Oscars.”

“That dress is a little booby.” — ClearChannel’s Colby Hall.

“Jim Carrey presenting? Whose career is in the Witness Protection Program? Little wonder he said, ‘Don’t patronize me’ to the applause.’”  – Nikki Finke.

Potential outrage

“Oh I’m so so so glad Ellen didn’t confuse Samuel L. Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne.” — CNN’s Ana Navarro.

“This U2 song is awful. And I’m a huge U2 fan.” – Politico‘s Maggie Haberman.

jared-leto-long-hairJared Leto Fan Club

“Kind of in love with Jared Leto.” – Liv Petersen, director of communications for Politico.

“Why won’t Obama lead like Jared Leto?” – The Daily Beast‘s Ben Jacobs.

“Team Jared Leto!” – Washington Post and MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

Rosie Gray: “Hate on Leto all you want, that was really great.”

Kate Nocera: “Also his mom is frigging beautiful.”

Rosie Gray: “Right? I want to be her.”

Harrison Ford feedback

“There’s simply no way Harrison Ford can not be sexy.” — Jimmy Williams.

“Wow has Harrison Ford ever looked hotter?#silverfox #oscars” — Rachel Sklar.

“Harrison Ford’s earring must have a twitter account, right?” – Washington Post‘s Mike Debonis.

Plastic surgery in Hollywood? What?! 

“And the #Oscar for Most Plastic Surgery goes to…” – Essence Magazine.

“Some unfortunate plastic surgery on display tonight. #Oscars” — CNBC and NYT’s John Harwood.

“Plastic surgery sucks. Just wrecks people’s faces & character. #Oscars #KimNovak” — CNN’s Piers Morgan.

“Stop tweeting criticism of Kim Novak, you will be old one day, too, and not look as good#Oscars2014” — Joe Strupp, Media Matters.

“Writing my last Sunday night newsletter with the Oscars on in the background and a full glass of champagne in my hand. Not too bad.” — Politico Pro’s Libby Nelson.

“Meryl Streep doesn’t do plastic surgery. She prides herself on that. But for those who do. Be kind. #Oscars2014” — motivational author, freelancer and radio host Sophia Nelson.

And the ridiculous…

“I should host the #Oscars just to shake things up.” — future potential possible (but likely never) governor or president Donald Trump.