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Photograph surfaces of Bubba with hookers

TMZ has the exclusive on Bill Clinton this weekend. At 1a.m. this morning, they ran a picture of two women at an L.A. charity event who are apparently prostitutes at the Nevada bunny ranch brothel.

“God we hope Hillary wins,” writes gossip site.

The women have working names, which are reportedly Barbie Girl and Ava Adora. Barbie, according to the Bunny Ranch website is 5’5″ and skinny (as pictured above). She lives locally at the ranch. She aims to please, saying, “I have a few goals here, and one of them is to please you every moment of my time. I will please you every second of my parties no matter what. I don’t hold back, I release my urge on to you and allow you to do the same.” Aside from goals, she also apparently has skills. “I bring my flexibility skills into the bedroom for some crazy fun sex positions and get offs. If you are looking to spice things up, that is one fantastic way to do it.”

Won’t the next presidential race be fun?

See the picture of Clinton with the women here. By the way, it’s also featured on the Bunny Ranch website.