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Panicked lefties use Twitter to reconcile cognitive dissonance re: Russia

There’s never been a good time to be a leftist, because their entire worldview presupposes that only they can fix everything that’s wrong with the world, and those evil wingnuts just won’t let ‘em. They wake up angry, and that’s the best they feel all day.

But things just get bleaker and bleaker for them by the minute, as they helplessly watch their entire agenda fall apart. Global warming is a fraud. Green energy is a boondoggle. Obamacare is a failure. The economy is failing thanks to Obama’s policies. Future generations of Americans are being buried under a mountain of debt, before they’re even born. The left grabbed the wheel, they’re sending us all off a cliff, and it just keeps getting tougher and tougher to blame the passengers. This makes them angry and sad, and they don’t like that.

The icing on the cake at the left-wing pity party? Despite all their sneering about the “antiquated worldview” of their ideological opponents — “The ’80s called, they want their foreign policy back,” etc. — Russia has invaded the Ukraine. Just as Sarah Palin predicted. Just as Mitt Romney warned. Just as The Greatest President in U.S. History said would never happen.

Our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters can’t admit error, of course. They lack the, ahem, constitution for it. So they’re taking all that frustration, all that sneering contempt, all that thwarted rage, and hurling it at us.

As usual.

Here’s a quick sampling, thanks to the miracle of Twitter:

Step 1: Apologize to Palin and Romney, and then bring them on board as foreign policy advisors. But that’ll never happen, because Obama is a petulant child playing dress-up.

No, you don’t have principles, you leftwing dunce. Yay, this is easy!

I didn’t see it, but it couldn’t have been any less informative than the last 18 months of MSNBC’s party-line BS about Russia’s harmlessness.

When in doubt, move the goalposts. “Sure, Palin predicted an invasion, but did she give us the exact date and time? Did she say anything about Bob Costas’ pinkeye? Huh? Didn’t think so, teabaggers!”

And so on. I leave you with this delightful prediction from Dopey Gabor herself, back in August 2012:


(Hat tip: the indispensable Twitchy)