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Candy Crowley wins award for ‘excellence in journalism’

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Katie McHugh
Associate Editor

CNN host Candy Crowley received the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism award on Thursday.

Crowley, host of CNN’s “State of the Union with Candy Crowley,” gave a boilerplate acceptance speech about social media elbowing in on traditional media coverage.

“I think [the internet] is an amazing tool that we now have in front of us that opens up so much information and so many forums for people to talk and speak and discuss. But I think as far as journalism is concerned, I worry that so far the internet has mastered us, rather than us mastering the internet,” she said, The Crimson reports.

“I worry that the speed of social media is pressuring daily news into putting something out before it actually passes what used to be really stringent rules,” added Crowley, who famously heeded President Barack Obama’s command to “get the transcript” during a 2012 presidential debate in a spontaneous demonstration of mainstream media obeisance. (RELATED: Romney breaks silence on Candy Crowley’s debate interference)

Crowley is the 23rd recipient of the award, which is annually handed out by the Shorenstein Center on the Media, Politics, and Public Policy.

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