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Rogers, Arkansas city council member Gary Townzen (L) cuts the hair of Ray Sanford in his barbershop in Rogers December 4, 2013. REUTERS/Andy Sullivan Rogers, Arkansas city council member Gary Townzen (L) cuts the hair of Ray Sanford in his barbershop in Rogers December 4, 2013. REUTERS/Andy Sullivan  

Colorado barbershop bans smelly potheads

A barber in Greeley, Colo., has added to the familiar phrase “No shirt, no shoes, no service” by refusing to cut the hair of anyone reeking of marijuana.

Hugo Corral, the owner of Hugo’s Barber Shop, told Denver’s CBS4 that he supports legal marijuana, but had to take the drastic step of giving his clients a sniff test when other customers — especially those with children — complained about the smell.

“A mother calls and says, ‘hey we can’t go in there anymore because we don’t want it to smell like marijuana when my child’s sitting there waiting,’” Corral told the station.

Greeley is one of several communities that have banned the retail sales of recreational marijuana. Years ago, it had also banned medical marijuana dispensaries.

But marijuana abounds in the tiny enclave of Garden City, population 300, which sits practically inside Greeley’s city limits and has four dispensaries. Each is making the switch from medical-only sales to recreational sales.

Despite the community ban in Greeley, residents there are still free to possess it and grow it at home under Colorado’s 2012 legalization amendment.

Corral told the station there have been instances of minor vandalism and even the threat of lawsuits. But overall, he said the reaction has been positive and Corral took to Facebook Sunday to thank those who support the new policy.

“On behalf of the owners and employees, we want to thank all the proud supporters of our policy,” the post read. “We never intended to offend anyone; it’s strictly to show respect to the kids. If you don’t agree with it we’re sorry. Please respect it.”

While comments have been mixed, even some pot smokers are willing to respect the policy.

“As a smoker myself, I commend you,” wrote Jason Hererra. “It’s your business do as you see fit. That’s why people have choices.”

Because he’s not refusing service based on clients’ race, religion or sexual orientation, Corral is within his rights to direct pot smokers to a different hair stylist, according to an attorney contacted by the station.

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