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              FILE - In this Feb. 10, 2013 file photo, Frank Ocean arrives at the 55th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.  Ocean is canceling the rest of his Australian live shows because of a tear on his vocal chords. Live Nation posted on its Facebook page early Friday that the Grammy winner was told by doctors to rest his voice after performing in Melbourne at Festival Hall on Thursday night. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Frank Ocean is a petulant, contract-breaking crybaby

I like Frank Ocean’s music. Channel Orange is almost good enough to justify the success of Tyler the Creator. Which only makes this all the more disappointing.

Lindsey Weber, New York Magazine:

Remember that “Pure Imagination” cover Fiona Apple did for Chipotle? According to the company, Frank Ocean signed up to do one, too — to the tune of $212,500 up front (and another $212,500 after he was finished). When Ocean decided against it (he claimed they promised he was promoting “responsible farming,” not the Chipotle brand directly, and that he would have “full approval” of the master), the restaurant chain sued him for the advance plus any legal fees.

The good news is that he paid them back. The bad news is that he decided to post the result to his Tumblr page.



Wow, you sure showed them, Frank. You’re in the wrong and it’s not your money, but you sure did spell that word right.

Some people who aren’t very smart are spinning this as some sort of brave anti-corporate victory. So… he accepted a huge check from a huge fast-food chain, refused to do the work he was paid to do, and then had to be sued to give the money back. That’s sticking it to The Man?

He and Bieber should have a Pout-Off. Then they should read up on guys like Leif Garrett and MC Hammer, do an ego check, and then ride away on their unicorns because that $#!+ ain’t happening why am I even bothering.

(Hat tip: Sonny Bunch)