Top 10 greatest Cold War movies [SLIDESHOW]

The Cold War provided decades of material for countless movies about the era.

With tempers flaring between the U.S. and Russia yet again, here are the 10 greatest movies about that period that hopefully isn’t repeated.

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  • 1. Patrick Swayze is perfect. Why would you ever remake this? (Photo: Metro- Goldwyn- Mayer Studios Inc. 1984)
  • 2. "Dr. Strangelove" reminds us a good laugh is important in a hard time. (Photo: screenshot)
  • 3. "13 Days" depicts the nail-biting moments of the Cuban Missle Crisis. With a trio like this how could the world not be in good hands? (Photo: screenshot/ New Line Productions/ 2000).
  • 4. A classic Cold War thriller. (Photo: Columbia Pictures Corp. 1964)
  • 5. The best captains bend orders. (Photo: Paramount Picrtures/ 1990)
  • 6. Brainwashing, communism and Frank Sinatra made for the great "Manchurian Candidate." (Photo: screenshot/ M. C. Poductions/ 1962)
  • 7. Espionage anyone? (Photo: Focus Features/ 2011)
  • 8. Enjoy a relentless submarine pursuit in "The Bedford Incident." (Photo: screenshot)
  • 9. "The Day After" depicts the nuclear scare for small town U.S. A. (Photo: screenshot)
  • 10. World War III seems to be all fun and games. (Photo: United Artists/ Sherwood Productions/ 1983)