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White House: Obama will win all the elections this year

I don’t wanna say Barack Obama is a stuttering clusterf*** of a miserable failure, but even the NYT and scofflaw gun criminal David Gregory are having trouble covering for him.

Here’s Gregory berating robotic White House lackey Dan Pfeiffer about what a crappy job his boss has done and how unpopular he’s become. If you’ve ever endured the lies of Pfeiffer, or any other Democrat who has spoken in public for the past 5 years, his answer won’t surprise you.

“The president will be an asset in every way possible to help these candidates.” I’m sure the Republicans agree.

Hey, if these guys are on the right side of jobs and the economy, why are jobs and the economy in such a mess? Oh, that’s right: “Republican obstructionism.” Cue laugh track.

(Hat tip: Guy Benson)