E-cigarette company creates invisible vapor

Breanna Deutsch | Contributor

Amidst a growing moral and regulatory against e-cigarettes, one Scottish company has designed a device to quell concerns about secondhand vapor.

The e-cigarette company JAC Vapour created a vaporless e-liquid Clear Steam that dissipates before it is exhaled, in lieu of the traditional nicotine liquid that emits vapor with a slight grey tint.

Although there have not been any long-term studies demonstrating colored vapor has any negative secondhand health impacts, the mere visibility of the vapor has caused anxiety amongst the public.

“There is a lack of education so people are reading certain things and taking them as fact,” Emma Logan, the co-founder of JAC Vapour, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Because e-cigarettes are relatively new to the market, some health officials are resistant to the growing popularity of the tobacco cigarette alternative.

These concerns have led to expansive proposed regulations in the United Kingdom, including banning the use of the devices in public places and restricting companies from advertising their product.

Los Angeles and some other U.S. jurisdictions, like New York City, have followed suit.

Logan hopes that JAC Vapour’s investment in Clear Steam will help further differentiate e-cigarettes from tobacco products.

She believes that excessive bans that make it difficult to use the devices could have adverse consequences.

“These are life-saving products,” Logan said. “We are saddened that they are trying to marginalize a potentially life-saving device.”

Whether or not the Clear Steam vapor will be exempt from the pending regulations is yet to be seen. But since the product went on sale the company has received mostly positive feedback.

“We have had a lot of people buy it and say this really fit the bill for certain aspects of their lives,” she said. “Whether it is the train to work, whether they are sitting at their desk at work, or if they are in a restaurant where vaping has been banned.”

However, JAC Vapour has received some pushback from those who believe the company is making unnecessary concessions to the e-cigarette industry’s opponents.

“Some people do not want to go down this route because they think we are kind of pandering to people because there are no negative secondhand properties to vape,” explained Logan.

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