Just a FEW of Terry Richardson’s creepiest photos [SLIDESHOW]

Photographer Terry Richardson has a reputation for getting celebs to take their clothes off.

Lea Michele from “Glee,” known by her friends as “Grandma,” is his latest catch. Richardson’s also got a reputation for being super creepy.

Here are some of the more disturbing photos from his Tumblr — Terry’s Diary — and magazine spreads.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • There's just something creepy about this photo ... (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Not sure Mila realizes she's standing next to a murderous merry-go-round horse. (Photo: Bazaar/Terry Richardson)
  • Just some leather masks. (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Captioned: Wolfgang (the baby) as me (Terry Richardson). Not appropriate. Gross. (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • The irony here is brilliant. She's eating salad but she IS a salad. Richardson wants to eat her? (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • A fake zombie and vomit. Unclear whether it's projecting into or out of his mouth. (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Ratajkowski returns -- this time with pizza. She can make anything sexy! (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Cute. (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Woah, Gaga's hand!  (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Woah, a skeleton! Not creepy at all. Very cool James Franco. (Photo: GQ/Terry Richardson)
  • Richardson loves to focus on the crotch area, but in a generally creative and surprising way. Woah, a rooster! (Photo: Tumblr/Terry Richardson)
  • Emily Ratajkowski for the November 2013 issue of GQ -- NASA is sexy? (Photo: GQ/Terry Richardson)

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