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Kobe Bryant randomly tweets that ‘Travon’ was wronged

Basketball legend, and blossoming legal expert, Kobe Bryant took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to discuss the timely issue of the Trayvon Martin case. Bryant tweeted:



Within an hour of posting, he had nearly 3,000 retweets and favorites, despite spelling Trayvon Martin’s name wrong. Bryant has just made a heavy investment in a sports drink called Body Armour, so maybe the out of date tweet was meant to stir controversy and draw attention to his company.

It could also be seen as a correction to an interview he gave to The New Yorker  where he questioned why he should care so much about the case just “because I’m an African-American.”

Surely Bryant didn’t think the system was faulty in September 2004 when charges of rape against him were dropped in  a Colorado court.

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