8 TV shows every dude needs to watch [SLIDESHOW]

Whether you need some inspiration for pranks to pull on your friends, a role model for how to dress or a way to watch softcore porn without regret on Sunday nights, here are seven TV shows on the air (and one that isn’t) that every dude needs to watch right now.

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  • "Eastbound and Down" on HBO. Kenny Powers may be off the air, but he is probably the dudiest dude on this list. If you haven't seen the series yet, this would be one of the times that actually purchasing a DVD set is still worth it.
  • "The Walking Dead" on FX. Two words: Zombie. Apocalypse.
  • "Workaholics" on Comedy Central. This is a comedy about a group of coworkers who basically do the dumbest stuff imaginable. It's how you wish you could act at the office in real life.
  • "Mad Men" on AMC. If you want to seem sophisticated, you need to watch this show. Plus, Don Draper is the suavest, handsomest damn bastard who has ever lived. You wish you could be like him.
  • "Archer" on FXX. Yes, it's a cartoon. But it is probably the raunchiest show on television. "Archer" is about a group of spies who cuss, drink and have sex with each other. We promise you will want to follow Sterling Archer into the DANGER ZONE.
  • "Sons of Anarchy" on FX. This show is totally awesome, as long as you are man enough to handle extreme violence.
  • "Game of Thrones" on HBO. Because if you haven't watched this yet, you are really missing out on a socially acceptable way to discuss porn at the office.
  • "The League" on FXX. This show is technically about fantasy football, but it is actually just about a group of dudes who play evil and hilarious pranks on each other. It is crude, disgusting and absolutely awesome.