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Thank you for Sharing: ‘You’re the loser dipsh*t’

The trouble for progressive and MSNBC-loving Mary Graham began when someone on Twitter mentioned to her that conservative syndicated columnist and author Michelle Malkin was calling out comedian Stephen Colbert for a satirical joke that Malkin and some others deemed as racist.

Here are a few of Mary’s more eloquent lines. Nothing like defending satirical racism by making fun of Malkin’s Asian features.

“Fuck Maulkin If I were Asian I’d be ashamed to be one because that crazy eyed bitch is one! #CancelMaulkin” 

“No. 1, She IS crazy eyed. No.2 She’s fucking insane No.3 Colberts joke was funny get over it.”

“Thanks I’m getting trolled by a bunch of Michelle Malkin idiot trolls.Not ONE has more than 25 followers.”

“@LiberalsSuckAss @MichelleMaulkin Get out of MY country asshole teabagger fuck! Obama WON.. TWICE you’re the loser dipshit”

The tweet (later deleted) that made some people think Colbert had gone too far:



Thanks for sharing Mary! You’ve got a real way with words.