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WaPo’s Gene Weingarten: The most compassionate man in America

Washington Post “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten tries his best to be funny on a daily, weekly basis. And once in an odd while, when he’s not PMS-ing, he’s actually pretty hilarious. I have a real soft spot for all his poop references.

Over the weekend, he apparently took a moment to take off his humor hat and put on his a**hole cap and decided to strike out against the one community of people that really deserves it right now — the family of the dead Malaysian plane crash victims. How dare they grieve or be angry. The nerve!

And just to make sure everyone knew who he was really slamming, he crapped out his tweet twice.

For this, Gene earns The Mirror‘s first-ever Compassion Award. Congratulations!

Michael Spier, VP of Corporate Communications for CORE Media Group, really summed up the reason why Gene has reeled in this award. “Dude, you’re just not gonna win when it comes to having an opinion about what YOU think people should do/say after tragedy,” Spier wrote him on Twitter.

Who’s the little dirtball now?