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Huffington: Men designed a world that’s bad for women, polar bears [VIDEO]

Ariana Huffington says that the way men have designed the world does not work for women, men and even polar bears.

“Women need to change the world in which we are participating,” the Huffington Post founder told CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday morning.

“The way men have designed it is not working,” she said, “It’s not working for women, for men, for polar bears.”

Huffington, the author of “Thrive,” provided several tips for achieving a work-life balance: sleep 30 minutes longer each night, take naps during the day, stop resentment, praise people and meditate at least five minutes a day.

CNN host Kate Bolduan pressed Huffington on these idealistic life tips: “I love the concept but some may watch this and say, ‘Ariana Huffington is the picture of success. This might work for someone who has ‘made it’ but for someone who is starting off in their career, how does this work for them? Our culture does not pride itself on saying ‘yes, you can get more sleep’ and ‘yes, you don’t need to look at your Blackberry anymore’ and ‘yes, you can take time for yourself.’”

Huffington replied, “But it’s changing… Increasingly, people have email rules which say ‘after work, you’re no longer expected to check work email.’”

“We take better care of our smart phones than we take ourselves,” Huffington said.  “We are often completely unaware when we are running out of our battery until we collapse in some form or another.”