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Krauthammer: ‘The Clintons have a biological need to run and to govern’

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer claimed Monday that nothing will keep Hillary from running for president in 2016, declaring that “the Clintons have a biological need to run and govern.”

Krauthammer appeared on a Fox News panel along with Washington Post columnist Chuck Lane and the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley, with the three discussing former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s possible 2016 prospects in the wake of his declaration that illegal immigration is an “act of love.”

“I think he is [running],” Krauthammer said, “but I don’t think he’s going to be as well-received as he hopes.”

Host Bret Baier then asked the commentators to briefly comment on the Democratic Party’s prospects for the presidency in 2016. He noted that the rest of the Democratic field is “essentially on hold” until Hillary Clinton decides to step into the race.

“And the longer she waits, the more she hurts her party if she doesn’t run,” Riley explained, noting it takes time to raise money and donors will be hesitant to donate if a Hillary campaign is coming.

Lane noted that all the stories about waiting on Clinton “seem to be sourced to Democrats, as if these Democrats are trying to push her. It’s all the hope they have that they can sort of push her into declaring their intentions.”

Krauthammer said that if other potential Democratic candidates are waiting on Hillary, they should give up now.

“Look, in the absence of a medical issue that’s a major issue, she will run,” he declared. “The Clintons have a biological need to run and to govern. And unless there’s a biological obstacle, she runs.”

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