All of Don Draper’s many, MANY women [SLIDESHOW]

Don Draper is either The Man or a complete asshole (or a little bit of both?) depending on how you look at it.

What’s not up for debate, however, is the fact that he has slept with A LOT of women. Like, a lot.

Fourteen to be exact. Don really doesn’t discriminate: young, old, married, unmarried, his employee, a prostitute — you name it, he’s done it. (And that’s just the onscreen women. Who knows how many Don went through before Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce?)

Go ahead and brush up on the many, MANY women in Don’s life before “Mad Men’s” seventh season premiere on April 13. There are bound to be several more to add to this list before the series is over.

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  • Megan Draper is Don's current wife -- at least as of season six. She was formerly his secretary who Don left the cute doctor for. She is very young and very sick of Don at this point. (Don is sick of her, too.)
  • Sylvia was Don's most recent conquest. She was one-half of a married couple who lived in the same building as Don and Megan and who the Drapers frequently went out to dinner with. Obviously, Don had a season-long affair with her, until Sally walked in on them doing it and Sylvia finally broke it off.
  • Don's (technically second) wife Betty stuck with him through countless affairs and absolutely craziness until she finally up and divorced his ass. However, they did have sex with each other once this past season even though they are married to other people. That's allowed, though, right?
  • Things didn't end well for Dr. Faye Miller. Don was seeing Faye, but then went to California and got engaged to Megan instead.
  • This is a random, anonymous prostitute who slapped Don during sex. That is all we know about her.
  • Things never quite worked out with Shelly the stewardess. When they were at a hotel about to engage in some horizontal, adult activities, the fire alarm went off and the two parted ways. Poor Don.
  • Suzanne Farrell is Sally's former teacher who Don starts an affair with even though he was still married to Betty. Things did not end well.
  • Stephanie is the only woman who Don tried, but ultimately failed to seduce. She was Anna Draper's niece who politely turned Don down when he went to visit Anna in California.
  • Poor Allison! She was Don's secretary during his separation from Betty. One night, she went to Don's apartment to give him the keys he left at the office, so Don has sex with her. The next day, he hands her an envelope of money. Needless to say, she eventually quit Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
  • Don and the older, married Bobbie Barrett didn't quite go all the way if you catch our drift, but they did engage in some adult activities after Bobbie's husband made fun of Don.
  • Ah, young, dumb Bethany was one of Roger's young wife's friends who Don had sex with once.
  • Joy was part of Don's bizarre California phase when he went to Palm Springs with a bunch of random Euro strangers.
  • Rachel Menken was Don's second mistress on the show. She is impervious to his charms at first, but then ultimately gives in because honestly, who wouldn't? Don tries to convince Rachel to run away with him, but she breaks it off instead.
  • It all started with Midge, Don's hippie artist girlfriend. She was the first of many mistresses.

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