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The left took my Sebelius joke and ran with it

Yesterday, I said it sarcastically:


Because that’s what you do after something is wildly successful. You quit! Right?

But Ezra Klein, Chief Explainer at the brand new “explanatory journalism” site, means it for realsies:


Well, of course that’s why. Here’s a cookie and a Capri Sun, Ezra. Now run along.

The White House was very impressed with Ezra’s deep, deep thoughts, reports the Weekly Standard’s Jeryl Bier:

The first official word from the Obama administration on Kathleen Sebelius’s resignation as secretary of health and human services is a retweet by the official White House Twitter account of a tweet by’s Ezra Klein…

Let’s hear it for independent journalism.

Obamacare won, and that’s why Kathleen Sebelius is quitting. After saying — less than two weeks ago — that she had no intention of quitting before November. It’s all part of the plan! Everything is part of the plan. These people are great planners.

Forget all of Kathleen Sebelius’ lies and empty promises. Forget all the people being hurt by Obamacare. Forget all those pesky facts and figures. Obamacare has won.

Why else would Ezra Klein say so?

Update: Lefties try to get their talking points straight.

Update: Sebelius had to give her farewell speech to find out what was in it.