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Watch Hillary Clinton dodge a thrown shoe in Vegas

At this point, it’s unclear which particular awful Internet video caused someone to do this. But what difference, at this point, does it make?

Laura Myers, Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas adventure Thursday might be good training if the Democrat runs for president and has to dodge critics — in this case one armed with a strappy shoe.

A female protester threw the footwear at Clinton near the start of her speech at a metal recycling conference as well as some papers that fluttered in the air like wings, prompting the former secretary of state to declare: “Is that a bat?”

When somebody threw a shoe at George Bush, it was awesome. When somebody threw a tomato at Sarah Palin, it was terrific.

This? This is an outrage!

But Hillary’s okay, everybody, and the culprit was arrested. Justice has prevailed. God bless America.