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SNL mocks FBI rat Al Sharpton [VIDEO]

Saturday Night Live provided a compelling re-enactment of Rev. Al Sharpton’s days as a loose cannon FBI informant who doesn’t play by the rules — spoofing an allegedly-real 1983 encounter between a black radical, Sharpton and a suspicious briefcase.

The “Undercover Sharpton” skit shows a much-fatter Reverend meeting a couple of thugs at a local bar, where he demonstrates his ability to blend in seamlessly while still inappropriately shouting almost every single sentence.

The strange way Sharpton handles his FBI-bugged briefcase eventually arouses suspicion in the mobsters — a nod to the true-life tale of one Ahmed Obafemi. The 1980s black activist told the New York Daily News this weekend how his 1983 meeting with Sharpton to discuss the whereabouts of a convicted cop-killer set off alarm bells — mostly due to the Reverend’s briefcase.

“It was they way he sat it down,” he told the Daily News, noting that Sharpton made sure to keep it between them at all times.

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