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Don’t worry about that whole Ukraine deal, America: Biden’s on the case

Oh, goodie.

Mary Chastain,

Vice President Joe Biden landed in Kyiv as a way to show the US is committed to helping Ukraine become less dependent on Russian energy and recover from an administration that drained the nation’s bank accounts…

On Tuesday, Biden will meet with interim President Oleksandr Turchynov and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and other local officials from around the country. The main objective is to discuss energy and economic aid to Ukraine.

Putin sends in troops. We send in Biden. Way to show ‘em we mean business, guys.

When he got off the plane, Joe asked why it’s so cold there in South America. Then his keeper explained to him the difference between Ukraine and Uruguay. Joe didn’t really get it, but then he had a nice Ensure and a relaxing nap before his busy day of grinning and blurting out racial slurs.

A lot of people like Hillary in the next election, but I’m going with this guy. Biden ’16!