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Mark Kleiman, a public policy prof at UCLA, was a little upset about the way I described his interview about cannabis policy with Vox Media‘s head honcho Ezzzra Klein in a post Monday morning. I’m yawning with hot, salty tears just thinking about that interview. In my story, I described the conversation as a potential sleep aid for those who suffer from conditions such as insomnia. I also described Kleiman as “something of a hairy beast” who hasn’t likely groomed himself in awhile.

I’m unsure which part he didn’t like, but he wrote me the following note.

Subject line: “Puerile insults”

Inside: “Proud of yourself?”

Memo to Kleiman: I appreciate you dressing me down as clearly you’re a far more mature person than I am. I love to learn from my elders. However, I do think hygeine and grooming habits are important and Washington has a fantastic Grooming Lounge for men if you ever come to town and want to get pampered. I’ll even make the appointment for you.