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Just asking for a friend? 

“Waitress aside, what job entails women in skimpy dresses, showing arms & sometimes lots of leg? Cable news TV host. Men are never sleeveless” — Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo.

Two things that don’t really go together: condoms and business cards  

“Life lesson learned: keep business cards and condoms in separate pockets.” — Joel Pavelski, social media editor, New York Post.

Sec. of State Kerry avoids reporters’ q’s 

“After saying ‘We are ready to act,’ Kerry declined to take reporters’ questions and walked out of the State Dept briefing room.” — CBS White House radio correspondent Mark Knoller.

Reporter suddenly thinks he’s a State Dept. advisor

“Someone should tell @statedeptspox that she needs to put a period in front of @JohnKerry handle to ensure all her followers see the tweets.” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy to Jen Psaki.

That’s K-A-R-D-A-S-H-I-A-N-S

“As a regular reader of @HuffingtonPost they are not doing sideboobs anymore but they still focus on the horrible khardashians [sic] #why” — Ex-Senate flak and QGA’s Jim Manley

A crack on Washingtonians? 

“One of the easiest things to be in life is an armchair critic. And coincidentally, also the least courageous.” — Callie Neylan, NPR alum who now works at Microsoft.

Producer needs caffeine jolt 

“As we wait for the POTUS/Pres. Park presser to start, I’ve decided it’s extra-shot-of-expresso-time.” — NBC News White House producer Shawna Thomas early this morning.


Think your day is rough? 

“Dozens of dead cats were found hanging from tree branches.” — NBC Washington. This gruesome scene is not in D.C. but Yonkers. Ironically, says the story, they were found on a “dead-end” street.

Early morning tension

JIM MCGRATH (President H.W. Bush’s post White House spokesman and speechwriter): “Kind words from @WalterIsaacson 4 @GeorgeHWBush in Houston last night: ‘He will down as one of the greatest presidents in American history.’”

DAVID CORN (Mother Jones D.C. Bureau Chief): “Yeah, that Iran-contra coverup was pretty nifty.”

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN (FNC anchor): “David, ‘give it a rest. You need more coffee..or something.”

DAVID CORN: “Will you tell your colleagues the same re Benghazi? (Have a tea on me.)”

MARY WALBERG (a California animal lover): “David, my opinion of you just went down the toilet.”

Journo fights her Ben’s Chili Bowl cravings 

“Good idea/bad idea go check if there’s more ben’s chili bowl left.” — Politico‘s Hadas Gold.


DEDICATED SPRING ENTHUSIAST: “Sunrise and tulips this morning at the Capitol.”U.S. Capitol.