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Let’s Ask A Psychic About MH370, Oscar Pistorius, Hillary Clinton And Some Other Random Sh*t

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. — Sitting in a cafe, one of those lazy places by the beach with dogs sprawled on the floor taking naps and sniffing out fallen crumbs, I prepped for my interview with a psychic medium. His publicist said he could discuss political issues. I figured — why not? Five minutes before our scheduled interview, my boss called. Slightly anxious, I figured the psychic would know intuitively why I got tied up. Unless I despise the person, I hardly ever feel right about rushing a boss off the phone.

Twenty minutes later I had Bill Philipps on the horn. I immediately asked if he knew why I couldn’t pick up when he called in twice and got my voicemail. He said he knew there was going to be confusion, but didn’t know what. I apologized profusely and we moved on.

Whenever I’d refer to him as a psychic, he’d correct me, saying he was more of a “psychic medium” than a psychic and could connect with dead people on the other side. “My true gift is as a medium,” he told me. Which explains why one of his more well-known clients is Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, who, according to a court of law, was not nearly decapitated by her ex-husband O.J. Simpson. (The court of public opinion is another story.) Philipps has also done readings for Carmen Electra, Jay Mohr, and John Farley (Chris Farley’s brother),

On his website’s testimonial page, Tanya Brown sings his praises: “One of the best gifts I received was from my good friend. She wanted me to meet with Bill to see if he could channel my sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, who you may know was murdered in 1994. I was a bit skeptical at first because everyone knew everything about Nicole and my entire family from the media circus. …I cannot tell you what a gift this was. …Bill knew things that no one knew, not only of Nicole, but many of my friends and family who passed many years prior. These were individuals that were never spoken of in the public. So, of course, he had my attention.” 

The Backgrounder: Philipps’ progression into the psychic profession came with a painful incident when he was 15. “It was very traumatic,” he says of his mother’s death. “She had a very bad addiction issue with drugs and alcohol. Where she is now in spirit is more helpful. I don’t do any drugs or drink. I am very pure.”

But she didn’t stay away for long, at least not in the spirit sense. “When she passed away she came to me,” he said. “I woke up with her light illuminating the room. It was a silhouette. It was a beautiful. She was in a good space and [told me] that she would be protecting me in my life.”

Phillipps grew up in Mission Viejo, Calif. and was raised in very Christian household. He struggled with it. But flash forward five or six years, he went to music school and graduated. “I would do readings for people,” he said. “When I graduated, I decided to use it as my life journey to help me.”

Whatever you want to say about psychics, he books six months in advance. He also specializes in audience readings. “I’m able to connect those who are living and those who are dead,” he said.

Philipps describes his mind as “a nagging mind” and says his psychic thoughts are continual. He did recently approach a waitress with a message from a deceased loved one. But mostly he tries not to approach strangers, and if he does, he asks permission before he says anything. Otherwise, he says, “I don’t think it’s appropriate.”