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Kid Who Made Breakfast-Pastry Gun Tries To Put His Life Back Together

It’s tough to be forgiving when somebody commits a very serious crime, such as taking a bite out of a Pop Tart and yelling “Bang! Bang!” at your fellow second-graders. What could drive someone to such an irredeemable act of evil? What of the victims and their families? How are they supposed to move on?

There are no easy answers. Except in this case, when it’s obvious that Maryland 9-year-old Josh Welch is nothing more than a demon draped in flesh and cannot be allowed to live among normal human beings.


“I don’t think I remember, ’cause that was like a year ago.” Well, that’s just fine for you, Josh. You know who remembers? The children you imaginarily shot and killed. They remember.

We all remember.

If we coddle imaginary murderers like Josh Welch, which imaginary crimes will be waved away next? Imaginary bank robberies? Imaginary kung-fu battles? Imaginary high-speed car chases? Where does it all end?

Some bleeding-heart libs will tell you that criminals like the Pop-Tart Pistolero should be allowed to reintegrate into society once they pretend to show remorse. What utter nonsense.

Children must be stopped. For the children.

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds)