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Capitalism-Haters Raise A May Day Ruckus [VIDEO]

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot) (Photo: YouTube/Screenshot)  

A bunch of self-proclaimed anarchists nearly started a riot in Seattle Thursday, while they took part in the denigration of May Day, which used to be about celebrating spring, until socialists and communists ruined everything.

Hundreds of very intimidating people marched aimlessly about the city taunting the “one percent,” threatening police and decrying capitalism. Many wore masks and black clothing and carried black flags. They chanted “Whose Streets? Our streets!” and carried banners that read: ”Die Yuppie Scum” and “Anti-Capitalism and Anti-State.”

Here are some videos of the chaos from the YouTube channel LaughingatLiberals.

1. Marchers surround and confront man in a BMW.

2. Marcher calls a black man a “Slave Ass Mother F***er,” while reasonable people tell everyone to stop acting like children.

3. Footage of fireworks, more chanting, and other mature happenings.

4. Marchers attack a car and police move in with pepper spray.

5. Marchers berate and taunt the cops, calling them “pigs” and “cowards” to the beat of a drum.

6. Another group of Seattle marchers demand rights for illegal immigrants.

Nine people were arrested for tussling with police, property damage and assault, reports, marking a relatively peaceful May Day for Seattle.

Traditionally, May Day has been about celebrating spring, but a group of socialists and communists chose it as the date for International Worker’s Day to commemorate the violent 1886 Haymarket Riot in Chicago and demonstrate for workers.

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