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Morning Mirror: The Hungover WHCD Edition

Journo says WHCD speeches stunk 

“Not President Obama’s best WHCD outing, but still 10x more amusing and 100x more charming than the professional funny man Joel McHale.” — David Frum, senior editor, The Atlantic.

Welcome to shitty D.C. traffic 

“Ugh, stuck in crazy traffic en route to after party….aaaggghhhh.” — Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles.

Question: Which Washington journo was voicing how much her feet hurt at The Hill/Entertainment Tonight party at the Canadian Embassy Friday night? Answer: American Urban Radio White House Correspondent April Ryan.

Speaking of painful feet…

“My feet are about to fall off. Heading home.” — Ellen Carmichael, GOP flack.


“CNN has so much extended, meaningless coverage of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner you’d think there was a plane involved. #nerdprom” – Jonathan Ellis, managing editor, Mashable.

Observation on the night of the WHCD

“What a ghastly display of onanism.” — Michael Viqueira, Al Jazeera. (Onanism, for those who may be wondering, is the act of the withdrawing one’s penis before ejaculation, a.k.a. “coitus interruptus”, according to

Sticking up for CNN

“Odd how @CNN is getting heat for searching for a missing jet while other networks get no heat for covering fluff like British ‘royals’” – Peter Dao, writer and former aide to Hillary Clinton and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns, in reaction to WHCD speeches in which CNN got reamed for all that missing Malaysian airliner coverage.


RISE AND SHINE: “The Washington Monument at dawn. Time to head back to NYC” — ABC News’ David Muir