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Guest Post from Robert C. Medlock of Indianapolis, Indiana: America the Removable?

I had never heard of this Medlock guy, but the other day he e-mailed me the following and I think he makes a good point. How about you?

Take it away, Sweet Ol’ Bob:

It had to happen… eventually. Every dominant civilization ends… eventually.

Greece. Rome. Persia. The Mayans. The Aztecs. The USSR. Check out your favorite historical source. Great civilizations decline and are then replaced by smarter or more aggressive or more responsible neighbors.

Is it our turn? Will our children experience the decline of the United States of America? Will our grandchildren live in a second- or even third-world country?

The Financial Times now reports that China will supersede the US economy soon. Not in 5 or 10 years. No, by some measures, within the next few months.

The last two years of the Bush administration, and all five years of the current administration, have more than doubled the national debt. The wrong policies have flatlined our economy.

We no longer project power or authority. We no longer set the moral high ground around the world. We have turned our back on our friends and opened our hand to enemies who just spit in it.

If it hasn’t happened already, soon you may notice your lifestyle is changing. And not for the better.

The following video is set in 2030. At our current pace, it won’t take that long:

The late, great United States of America?