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Dem Blames Aide For Calling Gay Repub ‘A Mary’ On Campaign Site

Rep. Scott Peters‘ (D-Calif.) campaign is now apologizing for his website promoting an opinion piece that called his gay GOP opponent Carl DeMaio ”a Mary.” But the apology is woefully lame.

The opinion piece hailed from the lefty Americablog site, which lashed out at DeMaio, saying, “Oh Mary, it’s so hard to be you.” Except that “Mary” is a term many gay people deem is a slur.

The lawmaker himself didn’t even apologize. His campaign manager, MaryAnne Pintar, took the fall (well, sort of).

She blamed an aide for the mishap, saying on the lawmaker’s campaign website late this afternoon, “Posting of the blog by a staff member, who was unaware of the significance of the reference, was not known or sanctioned by either the Congressman or me. However as the manager, I take responsibility for it and extend my sincere apologies to anyone who was offended. The term was unknown to the person who posted it and no offense was intended.” 

The best sentences of the apology: “It was brought to our attention today that a post from Americablog, previously reposted here, contained a word deemed offensive by members of the LGBT community. It was removed.”

Pintar really expects us to believe the aide didn’t realize this was a term gay people may not like?

Hell, even Seinfeld‘s George Costanza considered it an obvious offense to his manhood when he splashed in a puddle and was called “a Mary.” Watch here.

Editor’s note: The matter of the “Mary” slur was discussed today on The Mirror‘s new Twitter show #LinesOffTheMirror in which the guest, ex-Mitt Romney spokesman and media critic Richard Grennell railed against Peters not apologizing for the “Mary” slur. A short while later, it came.