Monica Lewinsky Requests Correction From Beyoncé

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Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

Monica Lewinsky would like for Beyoncé to change one of the lyrics in her new single “Partition.”

In a rare interview with Vanity Fair, the most infamous woman in the world takes issue with the song.

“Partition,” which is about Beyoncé and Jay-Z having sex in the back of a limo on the way to a party, suggests that the couple is engaged in an activity that was heavily detailed in the Starr Report.

“And [Lewinsky] requests one correction of Beyoncé, regarding the lyrics to her recent hit “Partition”: “Thanks, Beyoncé, but if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not Monica Lewinsky’d!”

While Lewinsky does have a point here, Beyoncé needed five syllables for that phrase instead of three.

(h/t Sam Stein)

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