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Cheap traffic ploys: They’re the worst. Who does that anymore? 

“What a waste of space: Deadline now running pointless slideshows of TV series characters. Cheap traffic ploy.” — entertainment scourge Nikki Finke, who founded Deadline.

Spaghettios with meatballs can be a real pain in the ass 

“Never realized how many meatballs were in spaghettios w meatballs until I had to dig out all of the meatballs per my daughter.” – Sean Spicer, communications director, RNC.

This can’t be good 

“Sitting @ a major Cairo intersection–police around, 1PM–& I’m watching a truck illegally load up big tank of gas to sell on black market” — Abigail Hauslohner, Cairo Bureau Chief, WaPo.

A lot of “Ram” in this guy’s name

“Tried reading an op-ed by an Indian academic in an Indian newspaper. Too dense. Gave up.” — Ram Ramgopal, executive editor, CNN.

Word of the week: “crotchety” 

“Study: Crotchety journalists grow more and more crotchety as the years pass.” — WaPo‘s Aaron Blake, linking to this story.


Speaking of crotchety, this journo does not like sunshine

“Cloudy and cool in DC this morning. No blinding sunshine. Let’s have this everyday till July. Better yet, till September.” — CBS White House radio correspondent Mark Knoller. (Can we borrow NBC’s “psychological consultant” and see what’s going on with him?)

WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten needs a computer tutor 

“New to Firefox on Mac. Can someone tell me how to refresh a page? Refresh option doesn’t drop from ‘View.’ Thanks.” — the Post‘s “humor” columnist.

What is April? 

“April showers bring…more damn rain.” — Sarah Kliff, senior editor, Vox Media.