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First Gay Football Player Drafted To St. Louis, Rams WR Posts Straight Sex Video Same Day

The St. Louis Rams had a banner day Saturday between their wide receiver Kenny Britt posting an explicit sex video on his Instagram account, and then drafting the first openly gay football player to the NFL.

The Rams picked up Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, who also happens to be the only openly gay football player now in the NFL, during Saturday’s draft. During the fated phone call, SEC’s defensive player of the year, celebrated by kissing his boyfriend.

This seemed to stun the ESPN commentators, as well as anger many Twitter users.




Even University of Texas QB Case McCoy expressed displeasure with the decision to show the kiss.

It seems too coincidental that only hours before, Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt had a video posted on his Instagram account of what appears to be him having sex with a woman. Britt has been married to Sabrina Britt since February 2012, but it’s unclear whether the woman in question is his wife, or his child’s mother, Kayla, or whomever.


Undoubtedly, Rams players would have an idea of who their team would be interested in before they made the official bid for a draftee. Was Kenny Britt trying to make a bold statement against any perceived homosexual-favourable light cast on the team? Or was this pure coincidence?

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