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Eleanor Clift: Ambassador Christopher Stevens Was Not Murdered in Benghazi

Eleanor Clift’s moral compass has never been the most reliable instrument, but it would seem that someone has destroyed hers with an RPG, possibly due to an awful Internet video that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with.

Witness the depths to which our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left are willing to stoop in order to protect their power:

Courtesy of Geoffery Dickens at Newsbusters:

If it’s possible to capture the precise moment when this woman sold what was left of her soul, it’s in the image at the top of this post. Assuming you ever took Clift seriously to begin with, you are now relieved of any such responsibility. She is a garish leftist clown.

I’d tell her she should be ashamed of herself, but she’d just give me an even blanker look than usual.