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102 Year Old Woman Goes For Spin At The Indy 500 Speedway

Racing legend Mario Andretti took a very special passenger for a at ride at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tuesday. 102-year-old Edith Pittenger sat in a two seater car with Andretti for some laps around the famous track.

Far from scared, Pittenger was most upset with the fact the car didn’t go as fast as she wanted, reports Fox News. She said, “He said 180 is the maximum. I wanted to do 200, but he wouldn’t do that.”

She was taken aback by the turns, however. She said, “He didn’t slow down around those corners, that’s what surprised me.”

This isn’t her first time riding shotgun at the speedway. Six years ago she went around the track with driver Arie Luyendyk Jr.  For her 100th birthday she went parasailing.

Her family is proud of her adrenaline junkie hobbies. Her grandson Garett Cates said, “I know people in their 70s and 80s who, I mean they’re bedridden, and they can’t get around or hardly do anything, but I mean my goodness she’s 102 and she’s going 180 miles an hour at least in a race car.”

Keep on keepin on Edith.

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