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Here’s A Serene Plane Crash Involving A Plane With Its Own Parachute [VIDEO]

This video shot on May 12 in the Blue Mountains of Australia (not far from Sydney) shows an airplane crashing.

You, the observant reader, will likely note the humongous, life-saving parachute holding the plane gently aloft as it descends to the ground. That parachute is a unique feature of the Cirrus SR20, “the plane with the parachute” — and now definitely the only plane The Daily Caller will ever buy.

The plane ended up landing with a mild thud in somebody’s front yard, reports the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Witnesses described the plane as gliding, then spiraling downward before the parachute was successfully deployed.

The two men on board suffered minor injuries. There was also damage to a fence and some power lines.

As The Atlantic observes, the SR20 and its faster cousin the SR22 are now the best-selling aircraft of their kind around the world.

Representatives of Cirrus, a light aircraft company headquartered in Duluth, Minn., say their parachute system has so far saved the lives of over 80 pilots and passengers. So the company’s planes are falling out of the sky but, hey, that’s okay.

The 32-second video tells the story of this plane very effectively. The action really starts going at about the 10-second mark, after an apparent what-the-hell? moment by the shaky-handed cameraman.


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