Hot Women Eating Cereal [SLIDESHOW]

There’s no stopping these hot cereal killers.

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  • She may look nice, but once she gets her hands on that cereal she turns into a killer. (Photo: Kellogg's)
  • And so does she. (Photo: Creative Commons)
  • She gets a sick satisfaction out of killing her cereal. (Photo: Creative Commons)
  • Here, this cereal killer is waiting until the cameras are gone to attack. (Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)
  • Cereal killing went back to the old days. (Photo: Flickr/ Creative Commons)
  • These lightly toasted flakes are no match for this cereal killer. (Photo: Kellogg's)
  • This woman is ready to attack both the cereal AND the victim in her bed. (Photo: Flickr)