Dem Lawmaker Warns GOP: Pass Immigration Or Bush Will Be ‘The Last Republican President’ [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon | Contributor

Illinois Democratic lawmaker Luis Gutierrez warned Republicans that if they don’t fall in line on amnesty, President George W. Bush will go down as “the last Republican president in American history.”

On Tuesday, the congressman reached across party lines, taking to the House floor to generously deliver five minutes of sage advice to his political adversaries.

“The positions Republican candidates feel they must take to win over their base make them unelectable when they face the American people in the general election,” Gutierrez claimed. “Latino voters are repelled, and the loud but small contingent of immigration opponents have backed the Republican Party into a corner that they don’t have the courage to break out of.”

“So Mr. Speaker, I give you George W. Bush,” the congressman flourished, “the man who will go down in history as the last Republican president in American history . . . There is a demographic reality that will make Republicans a footnote in history — just like the Whigs and the Know-Nothings — unless they do something to get the immigration issue off the table.”

But despite having a little over two weeks of legislative session remaining, Gutierrez exhorted his Republican colleagues not to give up hope. “You still have time to change history!” he said selflessly. But if not, the GOP “will look at 2014 as the year that it all slipped away — unless you act soon.”

This isn’t the first time Congressman Gutierrez has so freely provided helpful input to his political adversaries. Last month, he graciously warned Republicans that President Barack Obama will bypass Congress to take “broader, bolder action” on immigration.

And the Illinois lawmaker doubled down on that declaration during his floor speech as he mentioned a piece by liberal “conservative columnist” Juan Williams in Roll Call. “I tell you, he will take unilateral action,” he asserted.

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