CNN India anchor says network ‘unfortunately’ part of CNN’s global brand

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

The editor-in-chief of CNN’s English-language channel in India told “The Daily Show” that he isn’t particularly proud to be part of the CNN family.

“The Daily Show’s” Jason Jones interviewed CNN-IBN’s Rajdeep Sardesa during a trip he made to India to humorously cover the recent Indian elections and the country’s political culture. When Jones asked Sardesa whether his network was “related to our bullshit CNN” in a segment that aired Wednesday, Sardesa initially replied, “yep, unfortunately.”

When Jones pressed the point, Sardesa claimed he didn’t say what he clearly said.

“I said fortunately,” Sardesa protested.

“You said unfortunately,” Jones persisted. 

“No, no, I said fortunately because I think it’s great to have a great brand name like CNN,” Sardesa replied.

“This is not on air, right?” Sardesa is shown asking shortly thereafter.

Considering “Daily Show” segments are often edited for comedic effect, there is a possibility Sardesa’s words were taken out of context. But such a sentiment seems plausible given the reputational beating CNN has taken in recent months. The network was mercilessly mocked by all sides for its near-constant coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight long after other networks ramped down their coverage of the tragedy.

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