Hollywood Anti-Fracking Liars Try To Make Themselves The Victims

Jim Treacher | Blogger

What else are they supposed to do? They’re leftists who got caught (ahem) red-handed.

Paul Bond, Hollywood Reporter:

The journalist who captured Mariel Hemingway, Ed Begley Jr. and other environmentalists in secretly recorded video may have broken laws. There has been “a tremendous amount of negative fallout,” says Begley Jr.

Filmmakers who were targets of an undercover sting operation by James O’Keefe have filed a criminal complaint with police and have asked the FBI to determine whether federal laws were broken when the journalist surreptitiously recorded phone calls and a lunch meeting, a spokesman for movie producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell said Wednesday.

Yeah, it sucks when everybody finds out how eager you are to lie and defraud people you claim to respect — not to mention all the people who’d be hurt by the policies you want to force lawmakers to enact via your fraud — for the purposes of your leftist, anti-American agenda, doesn’t it?

According to sources, the FBI has been asked to look into whether O’Keefe violated Section 2511 of Title 18, which involves the unauthorized interception and disclosure of electronic communications. Separately, authorities in California have been asked to dig into the possibility that O’Keefe violated Section 631 of the Penal Code, which concerns the recording of telephone calls “without the consent of all parties.”

It’s unclear, though, whether O’Keefe even appears in the video taken at the Polo Lounge, and his voice doesn’t seem to be heard in phone calls between the Tickells and a representative of fake Muhammad.

How about that. Well, good luck anyway, greenies.

Here’s the video again, which somehow hasn’t been taken down by YouTube yet:

Who’s that mystery lady at the end? Damn it, Janet!

And for you lefties screeching “selective editing!” (as if there’s any other kind of editing), here’s the raw, unedited video of that lunch meeting:

Oh, and ICYMI:


This is all so great.

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