Get Ready For The Left’s Smear Campaign Against The Benghazi Select Committee

If you want the truth on Benghazi, be prepared to stand with Trey Gowdy and his team against the onslaught of attacks that are undoubtedly coming his way.

There is nothing political about holding government accountable, but the results of Trey Gowdy’s investigation could have a significant impact on Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions. Clinton allies have openly admitted this fact.

Therefore, you can count on one thing. Clinton loyalists and radical liberal groups funded by Clinton-loving billionaires will try to smear Trey Gowdy and other members of the select committee to undermine the results of the Benghazi investigation.

We can expect the liberal left to demonize members of and belittle the select committee. In the 1990s, the left labeled Ken Starr a “fanatic” and dismissed allegations against the Clintons as a “cabal of right-wing extremists.” This time will be no different. But in the era of unlimited Super PAC spending, it has the potential to be much worse.

Already, the appointed Democrat members of the select committee are dismissing the investigation that they’ve been charged to lead. Committee appointee Rep. Adam Schiff called it a “colossal waste of time” and Rep. Adam Smith said it was a “witch hunt.”

It’s only a matter of time before Clinton allies start attacking Gowdy and his team with vicious personal attacks. It’s a strategy they perfected in the 1990s and have used ever since.  Remember when the mainstream media disparaged Paula Jones as nothing more than a “white trash slut”?

Don’t be surprised when the mainstream media publishes stories from anonymous sources that question Gowdy’s record as a federal prosecutor and raise allegations about his ethics.

You know the drill; they’ll insinuate that he’s racist, sexist, a bigot, or unethical. They will present their phony charges, try, and convict him in one front page New York Times story and then spend months talking about it in the mainstream media echo chamber.

The committee will do Congress’s job of finding the truth, but we need a group dedicated to delivering the truth directly to people who might not otherwise know the results of the investigation.

The mainstream media has already demonstrated that they have no interest in telling Americans the truth about the Benghazi scandal. That’s one reason I am co-launching the Benghazi Truth PAC, a group whose primary goal is to defend the members of the select committee and to educate Americans about Benghazi.

As I’ve written and spoken about in the past, Obama and Clinton have a motive to cover-up the truth. From day one, they have dismissed Benghazi as a “phony scandal,” while their underlings have withheld information and reportedly pressured people to not talk to Congress.

The arrogance, the lies, and the dismissal of family members seeking simple answers has been unprecedented. Obama’s and Clinton’s endless dodging, weaving, and spinning have been truly remarkable and not befitting of a president or a wannabe president. They seem to not want Americans to know the truth.