The 9 Strangest Items To Go Through TSA — Now On Instagram [SLIDESHOW]

You would not believe some of the things that people try to bring through airport security. The Transportation Security Administration has stopped people from bringing handguns, grenades, and knives, among other things, onto airplanes. Passengers go to great lengths to disguise these illegal weapons.

In a last ditch effort to inform passengers as to what they actually can and can not bring on a plane, the TSA has begun posting their findings on social media, via Instagram. Check out the 9 strangest things posted on their account.

And next time you travel, please leave the lipstick grenade at home.

Click an image below for larger version.
  • Even your basic criminal should know that a gun doesn't belong on an airplane...
  • The more switch-blades, the merrier
  • A lipstick taser? This passenger got creative in concealing their weapons
  • This passenger wanted to take his grenades aboard. TSA was not amused.
  • Knife in a lipstick tube wasn't sneaky enoug
  • Now THIS took some creativity!
  • Batman's razor
  • Classic knife in a hair comb trick! Gets em every time!
  • This caveman could not bring his bludger aboard

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