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Luke Russert: The Mini-Celebrity Promises To ‘Jam Again’ Soon

How better to spend the Memorial Day long weekend than to open yourself up to questions from complete strangers just because you have time to kill and apparently a lot to share?

NBC’s Capitol Hill correspondent Luke Russert, a Washington celebrity in his own right, did just that.


Seriously, how blessed are we that Russert had “transit time” to kill?

But honestly, pretty surprising that the TV reporter would open himself up to this considering the raft of shit he typically gets when he does. (Unless you’re The New Republic‘s resident ass kisser – at least when it comes to Luke – Noreen Malone, most people tend not to suck up to him.)

Asked about a Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) presidential run: “I think Paul would get beat bad by HRC but the party would go through the catharsis it needs and modernize.”

Inevitably Luke’s famous father, the late Tim Russert, came up. Michael Tillery wanted to know if Luke tries to be like him: “Your Dad was cool and professional. One of GOAT interviewers. A true soul model in my eyes. Do you study his past interviews?” Luke replied, “Yes, I study my dad’s game tape if I need a refresher on how to hold their feet to the fire.”

TT wanted to know if Luke will put his writing skills to the test. “Are you considering writing a book? If so, what would the subject be?” The journo said give him time. “Not now, I don’t have the discipline to do something good,” he said. “Won’t ever do a fake book w a cowriter. Give me some years.”

Rose Shannon, a self-described “big fan” of Luke and his Dad, asked, “Best advice for an aspiring political journalist?” Luke told her, “Read a lot. Don’t follow the snark crowd. Put things in perspective for somebody who isn’t the political junkie.”

A sampling of other questions that arose: 1. “How’s your mom?” (Answer: “Great thx. She’s busy writing for Vanity Fair and working on her foundation.) 2. “I think the Republicans will be surprised in Nov when they lose overall more than they win! whadda ya think?” 3. “How does it feel to be a lousy, RW-biased, @GOP water-carrying, super-irritating little douchebag, legacy-hire? Answer that?” 4. “How much you hate the cowboys of the 90s?” (Answer: A documentary on them came on at a bar a few weeks ago, I made the barkeep turn it off. I despise them & what they stood for.”) 5. Favorite place to eat in DC? (Answer: Bayou) 6. “Which D.C. landmark never gets old for you?” (Answer: Memorial Bridge) 7. “Burger, hot dog or both?” (Is this a deeper question than it seems? Answer: Burger.) 8. “East Coast Bias? Your thoughts. #WestCoast #BestCoast” (Answer: “I worked in Burbank last summer for 7 months, east coast bias is totally real in the media. Too ACELA Corridor centric.”) 9. Best advice his dad ever gave him: “You’re always loved but you’re never entitled.”

HuffPost‘s Sabrina Siddiqui wondered more generally. “I’m just looking for some general thoughts. Maybe on love and life,” she wrote. Russert went deep: “Fear is where there is no love, love is where there is no fear. Chew on that.”

Some liked Russert opening himself up to the masses. Jane Driscoll remarked, “Was a great idea, and fun for the rest of us, too.” But Not Frantz Fanon asked, “Why do I hate you so much?”

At the conclusion of the open chat, Russert assured his fans, “Thx for the Qs, I enjoyed it. We’ll jam again soon. Enjoy your weekend and remember our vets.”