Kate Middleton Windblown [PHOTOS]

Kate Middleton recently waged a war with a flimsy dress and the wind and lost — big time. (RELATED: Kate Middleton Does Not Like To Wear Underwear)

But this isn’t the first time the elements have been against her. In battles between the wind and a flimsy dress, the wind ALWAYS wins.

Here are all of the times the wind has proven not to be Kate’s friend.

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  • And decided to follow her all the way up to Australia, where it would continue to torment her until a photographer got a photo of her underwear-less butt. Wind, you win, you always do. (Photo: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire)
  • The elements knew that they were too much for Kate too handle that fateful day in New Zealand. (Photo: Getty)
  • Nor when she had a child in her arms. (Photo: Getty)
  • The wind did not care whether it was appropriate or not to blow up Kate's skirt in front of the children. (Photo: Getty)
  • The wind tried -- and nearly succeed -- at messing up that perfect head of hair back in 2012. (Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)
  • The wind was too much for both Kate's hand and her handbag. (Photo: TODD KOROL/AFP/Getty Images)
  • And relentlessly blew her little yellow dress up. (Photo: Getty)