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CNN Reporter Kneed In Butt By Turkish Cops

While Washington reporters are busy sunning themselves this weekend or holding in a food court while President Obama golfs with his usual buddies, CNN’s Ivan Watson is doing more hands-on journalism. In other words, he’s getting kneed in the butt by Turkish cops.

“On anniversary of Gezi Park protests, looks like there are more police in Taksim/Istikal areas of downtown Istanbul than tourists. #Turkey,” Watson, who is based in Istanbul, wrote this morning EST.

A year ago, hundreds of thousands of angry citizens flooded the streets to protest the building of a shopping center that would destroy a park. According to reports, 8 people died and about 8,000 were injured, including 11 who each lost an eye. The government ultimately agreed to keep the park.

A little while later today, Watson continued, “I’ll be live on CNN International at 3 p.m. Istanbul time with a report on the Gezi Park protests. #Turkey.”

And then, “Turkish police detained me and my crew in the middle of a live report in Taksim Square. One officer kneed me in the butt.”


Ultimately, Watson and his crew were released.