Kittens Take Over Game Of Thrones And Star Wars

If you add kittens to something, it’s a safe bet it will be wonderful.

Wendy Robbins, a self-proclaimed pickle connoisseur and crazy cat lady, decided to combine kittens, Game of Thrones and Star Wars.

Thank you, Wendy.

Robbins told Huffington Post her inspiration came from an over-abundance of kittens, if that’s even possible.  “The inspiration for this project came mostly from an excess of kittens,” Robbins said. “The portraits are intended to serve as an introduction to potential adopters.”

She explains that some of the costumes were suggestions from friends, family or characteristics of the kittens themselves. “The characters were inspired by either my own fandoms (I am a HUGE Whovian), requests from family or friends, or characteristics of the kittens.”

Information on the kittens can be found on the Crosswind Studio Facebook page.

“Really my only expectation from people in general was, hopefully, to have a good chuckle and adopt a kitten … if not one of mine one from a neighboring shelter or animal rescue,” Robbins said.