Disabled Student Perseveres, Walks At Graduation [VIDEO]

Katie Frates | Editor-in-chief of The Daily Walkthrough

Graduating high school is a memorable event for every student and their family. For Katharine Clark, it was more than just memorable, it was triumphant.

Cleveland Fox Affiliate WJW followed her story and discovered why her graduation was so special.

Clark was born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that causes physical disability. She is considered a quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair.

Disability or not, Clark persevered, completing all the requirements to graduate. She was a member of the school choir and participated in the Special Olympics and 4H events.

For the past two years, Clark has diligently practiced with special equipment so she could walk across the stage at graduation.

The goal was not just for herself, but for her dad. Vince Clark passed away suddenly in 2007, and Katharine wanted to honor his memory.

On Friday night, Katharine Clark accomplished her goal. With ‘I did it Dad’ written on the top of her cap, Clark walked across the stage and accepted her diploma.


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