The Mirror

Reporters Share Their Terrible – And Hilarious – Experiences With Weed

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd may be catching lots of heat for eating a pot candy bar and curling up into a fetal position — and writing about it. But she’s not alone. Journalists in Washington and beyond have also fallen prey to bad pot experiences. Considering that and the loud buzz around her story, maybe her naysayers ought to stop harassing on her mellow.

Please note: Widespread anonymity had to be granted for this story.

The Mirror posed the question to many journalists, “Have any bad pot stories?”

Turns out, many do.

“All the funniest stories came from when I was on mushrooms or coke, but there are some good weed ones,” one journo told The Mirror. (As you can see, this is why anonymity has been granted. Who wants their boss or Google knowing this, right?)

Take the time that the above journo was super pissed at a college roommate.

“He constantly stole all my stuff,” the source wrote. “My grandma used to mail me cookies every month. And one month, he and his friends ate them all. So, I got stoned and hatched the plan to get him back. I bought a big tub of cookie dough ice cream, got high and then ate the whole entire tub. But, I was carefully sucking all the ice cream off the cookie dough nuggets and spitting them in a bowl. When I was done, I baked those spit covered dough hunks into cookies and left them out for him. He ate them all.”

There’s always an exception or four.

“No. All of my pot stories are fantastic,” remarked Hunter Walker, a reporter for Business Insider.

Another: “Unfortunately I’m that boring person who hasn’t experimented with drugs. Alcohol’s enough for me!”

And another: “I don’t have much of a pot story — I am an old and used to smoke it all the time when I was younger. When I tried it more recently I was so overwhelmed by drugginess that I fell asleep as a defense mechanism because my system couldn’t handle it. I am pretty sure I have brain damage.”

And still, another: “I’m afraid I don’t! Only tried it a few times (and never any other drugs) a long time ago & stopped cos it made me groggy in mornings!”