Backpack With 400 Obamacare Sign-ups Personal Info Found In Connecticut

Sarah Hurtubise | Reporter

A serious privacy breach cropped up in Connecticut’s Obamacare exchange Friday when a backpack with the personal information and Obamacare paperwork of 400 people was found in Hartford, Connecticut.

The backpack was found on the same street in Hartford where the state-run Obamacare exchange, Access Health CT, is located, reports the CT Mirror.

“Earlier today, we received a report that an individual in Hartford discovered a backpack on Trumbull Street containing four notepads with personal information for approximately 400 individuals. The backpack also contained Access Health CT paperwork and it appears as though some of that personal information may be associated with Access Health CT accounts,” said Connecticut exchange chief Kevin Counihan.

“It is still unclear where the backpack came from, and we are working [with] the Hartford Police Department to investigate, and contact the individuals whose information may be compromised.” 

Exchange officials said they’re not yet sure how the information was gotten and they’re looking into the situation.

“Let me be clear: we are sorry this happened,” Counihan continued. “This is a very serious situation and we will hold the person or persons who are responsible to account.”

National Review Online notes that Connecticut’s exchange does not approve Obamacare navigators who either falsified their criminal history or committed a crime such as fraud or larceny.

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